Launch scene muses

Just compiled the launch scene initial footage. Question is how do you animate a delay? Blinking isn’t applicable and extended stills looks unnatural.

I find that it’s only when I compile the images in post-production that I notice how huge the characters look. In practise the characters are mammothed by my hand (see previous post) but on camera they look human size. It’s quite effective I find, which is good. I use a lot of close up shots and avoid wide shots except where applicable (e.g. to show the scale of the scene) because it looks more film-like and the tininess of the characters is forgotten.

I also try to focus on the faces and try to emphasise expression. In live action filming the actors are told to say this or say that and have certain (acted) moods etc but in LEGO the characters are, well, LEGO. Although using drawn-on faces gives more expressive range I intend to use photography and use of sounds, music etc. to clarify and show the emotions of the characters. From feedback on my previous animation Temporary Relief, I found that the point in which the camera slowly zooms out on the character looking sitting down looking sad. I wanted to give them the impression of being small and lost.

I haven’t filmed this part yet (I’ve only filmed the beginning) but I intend to have a sequence where the main character walks through the aisle in the middle of the crowd with cheering etc. I’ll inter cut between point of view type shots and 3rd person view. Then the astronaut sees the rocket at the end and the world goes quiet, maybe even (literally) the crowd fades out or goes blurred. The rocket takes centre stage. Close up profile shot of the character walking in slow motion. Emphasised heartbeat…

This was inspired by a scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the third tournament where the mood is very celebratory and excited then Harry enters the maze, which magically closes behind him, and it all goes mute. Suddenly it’s creepy and worrying.



Set Backdrop



This is the massive backdrop for the launch set. I’ve supported the back with rough box cardboard strips in a mesh formation. Hopefully I can get it sufficiently stable though balsa wood or similar would be more reliable if it was practical.

Rocket launch scene photos

Photos from the launch scene. Still needs backgrounds unless I want the airer in the shots!

Note, the cardboard in the window on the background is to block out daylight to prevent it affecting the animation. Unfortunately there’s no way of adding curtains or blinds. The room used is also a blend of kitchen and dining room (knocked through).