1: Plymouth as a tropical country

2: Surrealist Plymouth


Sets demo

These are some shots of sets I have built so far. I am currently a bit short supplied in terms of my materials (namely LEGO) and I may rebuild the cabin, preferably in white. I have had to make do largely with what I had available LEGO-wise. I also intend to make more complete sets for the cabin as the outside appears in shot.


Corridor set used in the first sequence (see last post)Corridor set used in the last sequence



astronauts shot

A shot of the astronauts from the perspective of the console


Custom face test

Tests with adding a custom facial expression as the existing ones for LEGO are too limited. I added the facial features using a narrow non-permanent OHP (overhead projector) pen which I can rub off with a tissue to change the expression. This means that the character can have the full range of expressions required for production (limited only by the style of LEGO minifigure faces).

In the photos below I show the comparison between the custom faces and default printed face. NB: The latter is just a basic photo to show this and both will be differently lit etc. in the final.

Two (LEGO) astronauts with custom drawn-on faces.

Two astronauts with custom drawn-on faces.

Astronaut with default printed face

Astronaut with default printed face
Note: I accidentally mispositioned the helmet so the visor is a bit off but this is just a demo.

Worlds within worlds

I discussed the ideas and the person I was talking to noticed that the plot aims at a dreams within dreams idea. The dream in which the character is in a rocket that blows up wakes up to a version where there’s a problem but it’s resolved wakes, at the end, to a reality where the astronaut dream fails.

Although not entirely original I must admit I find it quite an interesting idea.

I was thinking of having this idea Inception-style where it is unclear what is reality. Or are they all real at the same time? Alternate realities, parallel worlds.

Was the blowing up dream invented by an anxious astronaut or did it really happen to another version of him? Did it exist because of him dreaming it?

And the drunk, are they but another version of reality?