Simpsons Tapped Out

-users a technique popularised by the ‘Farmland’

-utilises popular television program as theme

-game is initially free to encourage users

-linear plot structure in which players instruct characters to do tasks and build up the environment

-back plot, Springfield has been destroyed and is being rebuilt

-makes money by exchanging real money for virtual currency (doughnuts), used to speed up characters’ progress in the game and to buy virtual items

-player can place objects (e.g. buildings) to customise their ‘town’ bought with in-game currency

-sharing and integration with Facebook encourages popularity and game enjoyment integrating with modern technologies

-users encouraged to share their ‘achievements’ from the start and are congratulated for doing simple tasks. This draws them in

-simple character phrases are played when characters perform tasks

-graphics are cute, brightly coloured and simple.


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