Gameplay: labyrinth game

This game is based around the classic wooden game of the same name.

– the ball sprite is controlled by tilting the  phone

– the player uses this to direct the ball towards the end, indicated by a hole filled with a chequed pattern

-as in the physical original, the player must avoid the ball falling in the holes

– in the sequel, there are also pinball-style pushers, switches and laser beams that will result in various things positive or negative

– there are also cannons that will destroy the ball and rubber cannons that will fire rubber balls to affect the progress of the ball

– the users can easily create and publish their own level mazes using the items in the game, for other users to download and play

– this extends the shelf life of the game especially as users can create ingenious level designs with this, sometimes by using them in other ways than intended

– the number of levels therefore are not restricted to the number produced by the company and released with the game


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