Addictive game: Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular and addictive game, there is no doubt about that. According to the Minecraft official website (, 7,949,920 bought the game in total since its release in 2009

  • Initial simplicity
  • Easy to play: W, S, A and D to move, left-click to destroy blocks and right-click to create blocks. Unlike overcomplicated RPGs
  • Most other games that can compete in terms of function but have a big advertising fanansa beforehand which makes users wary as not honest. Minecraft didn’t have this
  • Mainstream games are too overtested etc.
  • Minecraft has an indie feel about it as it’s made by an individual not a large company
  • People love the small scale production of Minecraft and indie games as seems less cold, I fit in that catagory
  • Creative so allows users to make their levels rather than just going around repetitive premade levels. I’m creatively inclined so I love being able to craft what I want in this infinate virtual LEGO set
  • Updates are always free for users who bought the game early (ends for buyers after 20th December apparently)

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