Script Segment: Meeting The Resident

NB: At this stage I’m just stringing together ideas so I’ve got a lot of script and plot fragments

Continuation of the endless corridor scene

Jack continues to walk along the corridor and notices a sillhouette below a failed light. That part of the corridor is surprisingly dark. The thing is not moving but appears to be humanoid but too tall.

Jack walks up to the thing. It is a huge human like figure slouched against the wall/floor. It is completely immobile. He is dressed in a dusty black tuxedo and his face and skin is very pale. His feet are huge and pointed and his face and body are defined with sharp angles giving the impression that they have been carved from wood. There are few curves.

<<Decision point:

– Wake the figure (1)

– Ignore the figure (2)>>

If user chooses 1:

 CU on the figure’s eyes. They open suddenly. There is a sound of glass against wood as they look towards the slightly nervous Jack. This is a bit of a throwback to the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz.

The character woodenly gets up off the floor on a bit-by-bit basis. They turn to face Jack, who backs away a little, cautiously.

After a while of inaction in the part of the figure, known only as The Resident, Jack continues to walk down the corridor (what else is there to do?). The Resident follows him as if by an unseen command, or programming.

The character joins Jack in his progress and is occasionally of use.

If user chooses 2:

Jack look at The Resident for a moment, to no reaction, then carries on. The lack of the assistance of The Resident causes problems later on…


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