Final Project: The Resident

This is a concept design that will present the user with a choice. Namely either to wake the character who appears to be sleeping against a wall or to ignore them. The wooden puppet style was based on such films as Strings (2004) (1). The face will be white with the body dressed in a black tuxedo, giving them this creepy monochrome appearance. I also want their movements to be quite stiff and robotic to creep the main character out a bit.

They should also be sharp angled and woodcut-like whereas the main character is more rounded and organic. They should be also a bigger scale than the main character but with twig-thin limbs almost like the character called Jack from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

I drew this rough concept design on my phone with my phone stylus (3).

2: Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas

1: Image from Strings Film (2004)

3: My concept sketch for The Resident Character

The Resident concept sketch image


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