White out

Idea: perhaps at the end, the character is transported to an all white environment with no definition or depth. Infinite


Final project: notes

Assuming I’m going for my current stop motion proposal, I have started to plan how the set will look and be constructed.

I have considered styling the animation ad creepy with dark, dusty hallways and rooms with a creepy The Sandman type character (see previous post).



– wooden set raised a bit to allow characters to be screwed onto it from beneath

– three wall set plus

– breakaway walls to allow variety of shots


– Victorian styling with crumbling ornaments

– worn, dusty carpets: use a rough brillo pad to ‘damage’ the material, sprinkle icing sugar for dust, fray material and sew in fragments

– wallpaper: try to fade the material somehow. Use selotape etc to tear the paper

Stop motion idea: Old Man character concept designs

These are some concept sketches for an old man stop-motion character. The first image is the character with comments digitally removed, the second and third are annotated.

My design for this character was primarily inspired by the Sandman character from the animated short film, The Sandman (Paul Berry, 1991). A Wikipedia article describes him as “A menacing, raptor-like human figure with huge, hooked nose and chin (echoing the shape of the crescent moon), feathered arms, and knee breeches with stockings”.


Digitally coloured version of the character.

This last one shows the character side and front. Unfortunately it hasn’t scanned very well but I’ve tried to enhance it where possible.

Old man character drawing